Starting Psychotherapy


water-03Does something in my life need to change?”

It’s not easy to admit that things in our life need changing. It can even be painful. This question can nag at us in the back of our minds, or it can spur us into action. You may still be uncertain about what needs to change, and you may be wondering if change is even possible. Yet, understanding the need for change and starting to seek help is an important accomplishment. I am a clinical psychologist offering individual psychotherapy and couples or marital counseling in my practice in Marin County, and I can help you at this crucial turning point.

uses for psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can be useful if your desire for change comes either from a deep sense of unease, or from a feeling that your life can be richer than it is. I can help if you are struggling with:

  • depression, anxiety, or other mood problems
  • challenges with major life transitions
  • relationship conflicts or emotionally-based sexual difficulties
  • facing aging or serious illness
  • grief or bereavement
  • long term personality issues
  • the emotional side of living with a serious mental disorder

Psychotherapy is a path of exploration as well as healing. I am experienced in helping people who don’t feel ill or deeply troubled, but are searching:

  • to expand their lives and find the edges of their creative potential
  • to find ways to participate more fully in social change
  • to heal the absence of a spiritual center in their lives

This is by no means an exclusive list and I would be happy to consult with you, explore your needs, and see whether I can help. If not, I will try to refer you to someone better suited.

change, loss, and healing

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all affected by loss — lasting, recent, or impending. Loss can be overwhelming and debilitating. My work on loss is intertwined with my focus on change. One answer to the question, “Does something need to change?” is that change is unavoidable and loss follows close behind. Change is already happening to you right this minute and has always been happening. If you resist change, as we all do much of the time, you might find yourself constantly aware of the threat of losing something precious and familiar, or longing for something irretrievable. Psychotherapy can be extremely helpful in learning how to become open to change, cope with the pain of inevitable loss, and grow from facing it or even embracing it. This is obviously not an easy path, but it is an incredibly rewarding one.

In these web pages, I will briefly try to explain more about my approach. You can find a description of my history, training, and technique. I will try to give you an idea of how I think healing and change happens in psychotherapy, both for individuals and couples. There is a map to my office, information about my practice and forms to fill out if you decide to become my client. I haven’t said a lot here; I’d prefer to meet you in person and talk. If something in these pages touches you, I hope you will contact me to arrange an appointment.